Fluid Instability


Sept 18, ¿Can we drink the water? Vaya con dios amigos.

Whistler kids waiting impatiently.

2 minute unloading zone.

Check in debacle #1

Check in debacle #2

Check in debacle #3.

I was getting frustrated, yet everytime I looked at Ben I had and urge to browse the 2011 Ralph Lauren catalogue.

In flight pizza. Amazing stuff. To bad it was not a digiorno. Imagine the ads:

Slow Witted Husband: walking back from lavatory: “Honey, you got delivery? we’re 30,000 feet above the Atlantic?”

Honey: sitting calmly in seat: “it’s not delivery, it’s digiorno”

Slow Witted Husband: very confused “ Looks like delivery”………….

and on it would go.

Dykster dreaming of techno beats.

In flight boredom.

YYZ #1

YYZ #2

Mood lighting.

So long Toronto.

Chilean air space, or so I would believe.

Buenos dias Santiago.

♫♪♫ The long and winding road

That leads you to your door ♫♪♫.

A much better wax room than the first one that was offered. Never take the first offer.

Hey there Valle Nevado, looking good.

Faulty wiring on our power bar makes the Electronics 10/11 class I took some what helpful. Although at the time of posting it was still broken.

Good night hotel Tres Puntas.

Good Night Andes.

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  1. Katie says:

    Ha ha! Lol…Ralph Lauren. Lol…slow witted husband. Hope the snow is good and your boots finally made it. The typhoon is gone and we have the day off work. My school flooded. Boredom.

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