Fluid Instability


National DH.

Ski detail. Rainbow accents.

I would not sit there. There are Ovis Aries above, and I suspect they are trying to push rocks down on to us. They wont get me.

Have a good time Conrad.

Whos the junior National DH champion? Tyler Werry. Yes!!!

And whos his female counterpart? Sarah Freeman! Yes!!! and she was second overall. Yes!!

DH Training day 2

Inspecting into the clouds.

Gordon Baggan, hand timer.



Morgan Pridy.

Sasha is ready.



NORAM Finals

1st Morning line up. Hey Karl.

Pushing down club 21 pitch.

iPhones and Coffee.

Ford taking in the snow.

Morgan gathers dust.

SL run 1 is done.

Dykster and friends.

Dykster sets.

Snow path #1

Snow path #2 (with Tree)


30 min becomes 60 min.

Raven pitch inspectors.

Camouflaged Morgan watches.


Have a good time Conrad.

Tyler working it out.


My hand supplies a course report.

Snow removal.

Broderick gets ahead of it.

Snowy things.

Benny Mac makes a diner appearance. Spencer curses the paparazzi.

Diner companions.

Awesome family diners. Thanks to the Swettes for amazing meals every night.

Ford toasts.

Nice garbo light.

Garbo trees.

Racers v. Chickpea.


Have a good time Conrad.

Ford is a crazy boot buckler. Crazy.

Makes me think of ketchup.

Start tent action.

Volunteers are dropping like flies.

2 stops under.

Snow path #3

These are the forerunners. They risk their lives to ensure we are are safe. They enjoy free lunches and recognition. Godspeed forerunners, whatever your names are.

Sasha and Father (Peter).

Super combined SL start.

Conny on deck.

Sasha departs.

If you were listening to a course report this is what you would see.

Brodericks homage to classic cinema.



Apex Speed Week.

First light, first morning.

Morning set.

B Net.

Start tent.

Frozen tent #1

Frozen Tent #2

Frozen Tent #3

Frozen Tent #4

Writing postcards.

We always beat the lifty to the chair.

Blast off.

Morning snow assessment.


Slipping through pumphouse.

Hand injecting is the finest thing a man can do if he does it well.

This sled did not roll over.

Inspection from Devils Drop.

Inspection into devils drop.

Night SL. Non FIS approved lighting system.

Ford. And yellow accents.

First run warmup

Second run inspection.


There is just so much going on in this photo. Amazing.

Last T of the evening.


The bottom of the T-Bar. Before the day has begun.

The inside out from pumphouse.


Super – G

Full bars.

Snow King, Wyoming, USA

Broderick in the gym.


Fog coming into Spokane.

You save $5 per room per night and you get the most amazing duvet in the hotel industry. Motel 6.

Truck Stop.

Montana Convenience store.

Montana Cafe.

Ford was right. You have to check out 5 Guys burgers and fries.

The i system. Not once did we play any Johnny Cash on the drive in. But I was humming it all week.

Foggy shelter.

Foggy Farmland

3 People happy to be sitting on a bench that is not in a van.

Spring temps with winter snow.



Some people might try and get this view of Jackson by attaching a million helium ballons to their house.

We took the double chair.

Thoughtful gentlemen.

We actually fought the entire trip. We were screaming at each other for 4 hours straight driving one day. But we put on a brave face here and faked it.

Waiting on the lift.


The cafe.

GS #1

GS #2

GS #3


Second run start list.

Angry Birds.

Days end.

Blue sky potential.

Cloud Sandwich.

Frosty Trees.


From the start.

Oh hey ladies team.


The 15 passenger / large SUV show and shine.

Antler archway # 1

Antler archway # 2

There were in fact cowboys.

Wheres my Camera?

Perhaps its in the boys room?

Snow king resort. Spacious room, great rates.

Who wears medals? Who wears belts? Exactly. Home with Hardware.

So long Snow King.

Spencer shows his stuff at Billy Burger.

After Gursky.

Happy birthday Ford. Let me shove you in a truck for 12 hours, take you to subway allow you to purchase yourself lunch and enjoy 5 minutes of sun and fresh air.

I am sorry it took me an hour to get my coffee.

Lake Louise

The morning routine. They get so grumpy if you try to rush the morning routine.

I see this and I think it looks like a colour blind christmas scene.

Surely any prestige associated with the “black card” in taken away when the chip is popping out and the card itself is being held together with painters tape. Oh the fun me and this card have had.

Workin on the night moves.

PL setting in the dark.

Having a look on fall a way

Interesting atmospheric conditions.

Inspection is open.

Im being a distraction.

The sun dog.

The Course.

Ben wearing North Face down.

I guess i really like sun dogs.


The board.

Busy room. The carpet, the drapes, the bed spread. Makes me think of the scene where Raul Duke is checking into the Grand.

Interesting atmospheric conditions.


Dec 12, Pano Noram Super – K

Before sunrise.

5 minute butt and thighs routine.

Sour Broderick.

Getting ready.

Canadian course report.



Ford getting everything just right.


Sasha 4th overall Super-Combined.

Nice work, nice work.

After sunset.

Night speedball.

Ford looking tough. Trying to intimidate me and my team. It didnt work.

Back at Nakiska

Thankfully it opens at 8:30am.

I wish that was not my foot. Whoops.

ALCAN saves the day. The brand new boot heat shield. Patent pending. Please feel free to use the idea, but please send 2$ to:

Happy feet
C/O Sean Frith
Box 1669 Whistler BC.

Anxious and angry. Coaches waiting in line.

Morning trees.

Conrad and Ford inspect.

The snow whale.

Good morning fractals.

Good morning boots.

Dykster and JP.

My Stuff.

Other peoples stuff.

Lunch time.

Ben had a knee issue. No crash just a weird wobble.


Scenes from a hospital.

Go home, ice, physio and 2 weeks off snow.


Evening at the rink.

Last camp finish up.

For Sasha.

The air is crystalizing at -27

1 run, warm the feet. 1 run warm the feet.

Heater space is at a premium.

Commuter goats.

A 2 hour hold in rogers pass, time flies when your watching a Cohen Brothers film festival.

Highway 1 east

Organizing stuff.

Full serve.

Nothing but potential.

Hotel view

Tuning snap.

Dykster keeping warm

Alive and well at Deaman’s flats

Dr. Jones came for a few days to check in with the guys. Broderick took a time out from listening to Dr. Jones to pose.

Snow making whales.

Chairlift criss-cross

First light from the parking lot.

The lodge is not open, the chair is not open. Bens eyes, are probably not open.

Second light from the chair.

Pink mountain top.

Someone just got a new profile pic.

Ben to Sean “Sean, Sasha is going to kill you.”

Sasha to Sean “Sean, you should probably listen to Ben.”

Snow guns.

Scenes from a ski lodge.

Moody skies.

Gold chair.

Tough guy volleyball. Medicine balls and Quebec team.

The snow rolls in. Leduc and the ladies.

Ben tells me his feet were cold in those boots.

Speedy goes over tuning.

The potential is being realized

Ladies team.

Mens team.

Our meeting to announce the team.


Chilly Canmore nights.

Windshield ice.

Cold day off.


Outdoor hockey.

Morgan risks it all.