Fluid Instability


Canadian Nationals Day 1 – DH training

My beautiful dirty lens.

Savona to Kamloops.


At the jump.

Jump Inspection.


The start.

Brod Pitt. (sic)

Have a good time Conrad.

Sasha leaves.



NORAM Finals

1st Morning line up. Hey Karl.

Pushing down club 21 pitch.

iPhones and Coffee.

Ford taking in the snow.

Morgan gathers dust.

SL run 1 is done.

Dykster and friends.

Dykster sets.

Snow path #1

Snow path #2 (with Tree)


30 min becomes 60 min.

Raven pitch inspectors.

Camouflaged Morgan watches.


Have a good time Conrad.

Tyler working it out.


My hand supplies a course report.

Snow removal.

Broderick gets ahead of it.

Snowy things.

Benny Mac makes a diner appearance. Spencer curses the paparazzi.

Diner companions.

Awesome family diners. Thanks to the Swettes for amazing meals every night.

Ford toasts.

Nice garbo light.

Garbo trees.

Racers v. Chickpea.


Have a good time Conrad.

Ford is a crazy boot buckler. Crazy.

Makes me think of ketchup.

Start tent action.

Volunteers are dropping like flies.

2 stops under.

Snow path #3

These are the forerunners. They risk their lives to ensure we are are safe. They enjoy free lunches and recognition. Godspeed forerunners, whatever your names are.

Sasha and Father (Peter).

Super combined SL start.

Conny on deck.

Sasha departs.

If you were listening to a course report this is what you would see.

Brodericks homage to classic cinema.



Meeting time


A full day of planing meetings.

What fun.

Apex Speed Week.

First light, first morning.

Morning set.

B Net.

Start tent.

Frozen tent #1

Frozen Tent #2

Frozen Tent #3

Frozen Tent #4

Writing postcards.

We always beat the lifty to the chair.

Blast off.

Morning snow assessment.


Slipping through pumphouse.

Hand injecting is the finest thing a man can do if he does it well.

This sled did not roll over.

Inspection from Devils Drop.

Inspection into devils drop.

Night SL. Non FIS approved lighting system.

Ford. And yellow accents.

First run warmup

Second run inspection.


There is just so much going on in this photo. Amazing.

Last T of the evening.


The bottom of the T-Bar. Before the day has begun.

The inside out from pumphouse.


Super – G

Full bars.

Lake Louise

The morning routine. They get so grumpy if you try to rush the morning routine.

I see this and I think it looks like a colour blind christmas scene.

Surely any prestige associated with the “black card” in taken away when the chip is popping out and the card itself is being held together with painters tape. Oh the fun me and this card have had.

Workin on the night moves.

PL setting in the dark.

Having a look on fall a way

Interesting atmospheric conditions.

Inspection is open.

Im being a distraction.

The sun dog.

The Course.

Ben wearing North Face down.

I guess i really like sun dogs.


The board.

Busy room. The carpet, the drapes, the bed spread. Makes me think of the scene where Raul Duke is checking into the Grand.

Interesting atmospheric conditions.


Sept 28, big day.

Clear skys once again. Dykster sets the brower start.

Top of the chair from the DH start.

Snow texture #1

Snow texture #2

Snow texture #3

Snow texture #4

Hike to the start.

Chair riding.

Ford was the one who skied the dye pack out.

Where chairs go to die.

A lot of blue shrines in the rocks at the start of the hike.

Broderick and Ford heap on the enthusiasm to climbing Tyler.

We found a mountain hut, entered and then it went under seige.

Not liquid hot magma, but at least it bubbled.

The top ridge.

Clay type substance made downhill tough.


The pump house to keep the hotels water hot.

We found what we think used to be a spa, some number of years ago.

Outdoor bathtub overgrowth.

The newer building of the old spa, still has a roof.

Tadpoles and a friendly camera man.

Spa interior #1

Spa interior #2. Toilet tank bed.

Spa interior #3

Spa interior #4. Bed pile.

Run down spa overview.

July 26, Spotlight on Portland

If you in downtown Portland on a monday be sure to check out the Farmers market in Frank Abbott square.

If you

Pretend toy photos

Mt. Hood

Pink Sunglasses.

The mountain stops, we don’t.

Closed lifts equals hiking a SL for 5 runs. Dykster pacing it out.

Ford thinks he is efficient.

The Ladies.

Deadthings #1.

Deadthings #2.

2 more.

Oh yeah, fog too. Dont forget the fog.

Deadthings #3. Fuxi approaches in Green.

“i frickin love it that you guys were hiking. Awesome.”

Nobody calls me Lebowski. You got the wrong guy. I’m the Dude, man.

Yeah, well. The Dude abides.

Day 3

The crew waits as the chair get fixed.

Frozen things #1

Frozen things #2

Frozen things #3

Mt. Hood and Palmer finally show themselves.

Leslie and Hood.

Brandon straightens a ski.

Morning plan. 5 runs SL, 5 runs GS.

Panelled SL.

Empty chairs.

Our hike from a far.

Go Tyler.

Go Georgia.