Fluid Instability


Oct 9 & 10, Thats it thats all(most)

BC’s finest

2 devastating things in this photo. 1 Earthquake damage. 2 Conrads moustache.

Ford was told he was going on a bus to go surfing. And now here he is. Listening quietly in a school. Looking at his face you can almost hear his internal monologue.

Chilian school.

Beach-side empanadas and chirizo.

Wet suits and eucalyptus.

Broderick got burried.

The Beach.


For Jeff Kent, we never did find that little seaside restaurant, but an empanada shack was a good start.

The surf.

Lack of back light compensation. The Beach crew.

Morning boys. Enthusiasm is high for a 5:30am hike.

Soon to be sunrise.

Hot pools.

Hot pools.

Good bye room.

Tyler is feeling good. Speedy is not sure yet.

Loading the cargo van.

The crew.

Dykster and Ben. Oh the life we lead.



Inside SCL.

for a while anyways.

Anticipating our stuff.

Then we realized it was not going to show up anytime soon.


Thank you and good night.

Oct 8, Stick a fork in us. We are done

Last SL


Done +1

Ready to hike a volcano?

Fischer Girls

Misc Boys.

Head Boys.

Volcano hike start.



Nearing the top.


Steaming rocks.

The view.

The Andes.

Ski out.

Oct 7, Last day of GS in Chile

Morning Trees

Very very sunny.

Fresh snow.

The split in a tight spot.

Lounging ladies.

Chiles largest pepper grinder is filled with pre ground pepper.

Hot tub.

Tyler Werry going over a DH jump in a GS is the second most interesting thing in this photo. The most interesting thing is the billboard type thing in the top right corner. Lots of speculation as to what it is. No answers. Suspicion lies with aliens.

I remember when we first met.

It was in Kamloops on a brisk Oct morning, there was a freak snow storm ahead on the Coquihala. I was with my friend Nick and a van full of kids. Mike Janyk was on the front of the Vancouver Sun, dressed in Olympic gear, he had the hosser look. I was heading back from farnham. The barista introduced us, I didn’t give you the time of day, I thought that you were silly and irrelevant. A fad.

It’s been just over a year since we met, and here we are together, holed up in a small room together in Chile. You are the reason I get out of bed in the morning. You give me strength in the afternoon. You pick me up when I am feeling low.

I love you Starbucks VIA, you complete me.

Oct 4, Earthquakes and mudpits

Evening Mountain.

Yeah, i think I might just head around and take the T-Bar, see you up top.

Manual Labor showed up and gave a hand shovelling out the mudpit t-bar.

My room.

Don and Dykster.

29 pairs of boots.

Our tuning room…

is also the kindergarten.


Ping pongers.

Oct 3, DH and Hottubs

From a few days ago, nice orange.

DH Start.

Speedys kingdom.

The Jump.

The horizon.

Melting snow.

Hot tub tube racing.

Sorry Broderick, this double espresso is not for you. Get back to hip mobility.

I dont know the name of our Hotel. But I don’t think it is Pirigallo. But we have a lot of cups that say Pirigallo.



Martina Speeden came up for a tub, and got a bit of agility.

Oct 2, where have all the posts been?

DH Track.


Mountain sights.

More mountains

Sept 29.

General story usually means a wide assortment of goods, in this case it is a general lack of anything store. But it does have a great location.

Kailee and Jocelyn catch up on homework while catching up on laundry.

Video. Our sincerest appologies to Ben, we’re sorry video couldn’t be a bit more interesting, or more interesting than a rubix cube. Tommorow we will have dancing girls and a marching band in an effort to pique your interest.

Sept 28, big day.

Clear skys once again. Dykster sets the brower start.

Top of the chair from the DH start.

Snow texture #1

Snow texture #2

Snow texture #3

Snow texture #4

Hike to the start.

Chair riding.

Ford was the one who skied the dye pack out.

Where chairs go to die.

A lot of blue shrines in the rocks at the start of the hike.

Broderick and Ford heap on the enthusiasm to climbing Tyler.

We found a mountain hut, entered and then it went under seige.

Not liquid hot magma, but at least it bubbled.

The top ridge.

Clay type substance made downhill tough.


The pump house to keep the hotels water hot.

We found what we think used to be a spa, some number of years ago.

Outdoor bathtub overgrowth.

The newer building of the old spa, still has a roof.

Tadpoles and a friendly camera man.

Spa interior #1

Spa interior #2. Toilet tank bed.

Spa interior #3

Spa interior #4. Bed pile.

Run down spa overview.

Sept 27, Weather change changes plans

Sleet/wet snow on the first lift.

Top of the second lift. 2 people more excited than I.

No big rush.

Don survays the hill with the French, we enjoy a diesel powered fire.

GS Slip.

Impromptu dye.

After 6 runs of GS we hit the poma to run in the speed skis.

Cold rain and a hot pool.


Sept 26. Smells like volcano

Warming up.

Heading up the T-Bar

Conrad on the last push to the top.

Ford and Conrad clicking in.





Ben and the view.

Stealing the show.

Ben feeds Dykster.

Tyler puts on a clinic.

Pass the Juicy Fruit would you please?