Fluid Instability


Lake Louise

The morning routine. They get so grumpy if you try to rush the morning routine.

I see this and I think it looks like a colour blind christmas scene.

Surely any prestige associated with the “black card” in taken away when the chip is popping out and the card itself is being held together with painters tape. Oh the fun me and this card have had.

Workin on the night moves.

PL setting in the dark.

Having a look on fall a way

Interesting atmospheric conditions.

Inspection is open.

Im being a distraction.

The sun dog.

The Course.

Ben wearing North Face down.

I guess i really like sun dogs.


The board.

Busy room. The carpet, the drapes, the bed spread. Makes me think of the scene where Raul Duke is checking into the Grand.

Interesting atmospheric conditions.


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