Fluid Instability


Apex Speed Week.

First light, first morning.

Morning set.

B Net.

Start tent.

Frozen tent #1

Frozen Tent #2

Frozen Tent #3

Frozen Tent #4

Writing postcards.

We always beat the lifty to the chair.

Blast off.

Morning snow assessment.


Slipping through pumphouse.

Hand injecting is the finest thing a man can do if he does it well.

This sled did not roll over.

Inspection from Devils Drop.

Inspection into devils drop.

Night SL. Non FIS approved lighting system.

Ford. And yellow accents.

First run warmup

Second run inspection.


There is just so much going on in this photo. Amazing.

Last T of the evening.


The bottom of the T-Bar. Before the day has begun.

The inside out from pumphouse.


Super – G

Full bars.

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