Fluid Instability


July 24, SL Continues

Crazy equipment in Palmers lower station.

7:55 AM

Ben takes a pit stop.

Panelled SL



Sasha: 1, Stingerless bee: 0

Sasha: 2, SL Gate: 0

Boogerbear showed up for a couple runs.


Me and Broderick and a random.

Sasha: 3, Pool: 0

Aquasize 4pm Thunderhead lodge.

Mt. Hood from Trillium lake.

Lake swimmers.

Virabhadrasana III

Hey, take a picture of us. OK.

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  1. Tyler says:

    Sean you have to see this iPad! It’s so sick.
    Ive decided to keep your birthday present to myself. Just kidding.
    Anyways sick blog. From the apple store in Portland Oregon

    Sent from my ipad

  2. Doug says:

    pull up those knee caps and lock those legs Georgia

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