Fluid Instability


July Something: End of camp mishmash

Clouds #1

Clouds #2

Clouds #3 (final day of gs)

Flora or Fauna.

Lunch date.


5 runs of SL to finish off on the last day.

Parking lot makeover.

July 27, back up top.

Getting ready for first run.

So you know what lift your on.

Javeline turns.

Sending it. Tor was not so lucky. Get well soon Toria.

July 25, an unexpected trip to Gresham.

Establishing scene.

Morning glaze.

Snow tumbling down the hill as you slide down. (art)


Just as Dr. Frith expected, non displaced radius fracture. Matt is fine.


River cool down and a tense soccer game.

July 24, SL Continues

Crazy equipment in Palmers lower station.

7:55 AM

Ben takes a pit stop.

Panelled SL



Sasha: 1, Stingerless bee: 0

Sasha: 2, SL Gate: 0

Boogerbear showed up for a couple runs.


Me and Broderick and a random.

Sasha: 3, Pool: 0

Aquasize 4pm Thunderhead lodge.

Mt. Hood from Trillium lake.

Lake swimmers.

Virabhadrasana III

Hey, take a picture of us. OK.

July 23, more sun.

First in line for the mile.

West Celebrity, our space.

Ford warms up.

Top of the course.

Looking out of place.

Volcanic rock.

Charles Darwin would most likely be upset with bees that had no stingers, or possibly that is the next step, and we have witnessed evolution, a future with no bee stings. Either way, we are happy with the situation because there are a lot of these little fellows.

Snow spiders? Another huge leap forward?

The legendary Huckleberry Inn.

TV time.

Tyler myotests.

I hope the donut makers are as determined to as good a job as the painters. That would be quite a donut.

Men cooking food for men.

Our kitchen.

Skis, computer work, muscle rolling, bbq sauce, crib. Its called getting along in close quarters. Its what we do.

July 22, Day 1, Mt. Hood

Getting ready to roll in the Mt. Hood rocks.

Ford works the panelled SL.

70 kph winds and sun.

High speed quad.

High speed quads.


Video #1.

Video #2


July 21 – Travel Day, Mt. Hood

Travel food. Burgerville #16. The chain’s most significant differentiation is in its use of local ingredients and natural ingredients, such as Tillamook Cheddar in its burgers, and locally grownstrawberries in its milkshakes and sundaes. Throughout the year it offers seasonal items such as milkshakes made with hazelnuts, fresh pumpkins, fresh raspberries, fresh strawberries, and blackberries, and side orders such as Walla Walla onion rings, sweet potato fries and Yukon Gold potatoes.

The people have spoken.

Self catering.


First nights meeting.

Today shall be our last

Good morning.


Course prep.

Product placement.

Weather rolls in as we roll out.

Everyday is a sunny day at the office.

Pretend toy photos

Mt. Hood

Pink Sunglasses.

The mountain stops, we don’t.

Closed lifts equals hiking a SL for 5 runs. Dykster pacing it out.

Ford thinks he is efficient.

The Ladies.

Deadthings #1.

Deadthings #2.

2 more.

Oh yeah, fog too. Dont forget the fog.

Deadthings #3. Fuxi approaches in Green.

“i frickin love it that you guys were hiking. Awesome.”

Nobody calls me Lebowski. You got the wrong guy. I’m the Dude, man.

Yeah, well. The Dude abides.