Fluid Instability


Sept 29.

General story usually means a wide assortment of goods, in this case it is a general lack of anything store. But it does have a great location.

Kailee and Jocelyn catch up on homework while catching up on laundry.

Video. Our sincerest appologies to Ben, we’re sorry video couldn’t be a bit more interesting, or more interesting than a rubix cube. Tommorow we will have dancing girls and a marching band in an effort to pique your interest.

Sept 27, Weather change changes plans

Sleet/wet snow on the first lift.

Top of the second lift. 2 people more excited than I.

No big rush.

Don survays the hill with the French, we enjoy a diesel powered fire.

GS Slip.

Impromptu dye.

After 6 runs of GS we hit the poma to run in the speed skis.

Cold rain and a hot pool.


Sept 26. Smells like volcano

Warming up.

Heading up the T-Bar

Conrad on the last push to the top.

Ford and Conrad clicking in.





Ben and the view.

Stealing the show.

Ben feeds Dykster.

Tyler puts on a clinic.

Pass the Juicy Fruit would you please?

Sept 24, Hasta luego Valle.

Morning cloud.

Bigger cliff behind a big hotel.

Tyler on the speed track.

The Gents.

Jump inspection.

Tyler guinea pigs it as the young guys take notes.

Jumpers watching jumpers.


“Pass the mantequilla would you please Ford?”

Dont get me wrong Valle Nevado is great but I hope to wake up a little further from my co-worker in the next hotel.

The divider sheet stayed tucked at all times.

Busscar time!

Chillan mechanics.


We had a little shindig at the hotel.

A lot of things to think about. Spanish, english, french and russian all in one.

Mid set auto-portrait.

Chairlift #1

Chairlift #2

Speedy checks Celines bindings.

Super-G warm up.

The one way road down.

Andes rock moss #1

Andes rock moss #2

Sometimes you wake up to an alarm, sometimes you wake up because people are loud outside your window.

Sometimes you wake up because a 50lbs rock rolls through your window.

The American coaches who lived there were happy no one was hurt, they had a good story, and the hotel bought them both a massage.


Tyler and Dykster and a Chilean family watching video.

Hey Lindsey…… Lindsey…….. Over here!!!

Lindsey over here, were trying to take a photo.

Same sunset, slightly different.

Good night.

Sept 21&22, two days in one.

Hotel area.

GS Set.

Coach race on the cattrack.

My boots!!!

My stuff.


Coaches coaching.

The album cover.

Hi Elli. Slalom time.

Not Conrads boots.


Wax, coffee, duct tape.



The poma.

End of our SL session.

Pano, just because. Hi!

Sept 20, Ski a mile in Tylers boots, again

crusty snow on top of hard snow= lots of drilling


Dykster on the rocket poma

Looks like I picked the wrong day to become agoraphobic.

Dykster in hot pursuit of Ford

GS Start

Agility with the ladies.

I am the happiest man in the Valle!!!


Sept 19, this little piggie went for pain killers.

Early morning light

Arid land.

Thanks to: Tyler for the shells, broderick for the liners, and Dykster for the pants.

Red diamond?

The bullwheel.

Snow farming

A lonely beautiful out of focus gate.

Mr. Conrad

Mr. Ford

Hotel from the hill.

Snow fence

Mighty long shadow ya got there.

Mountain panorama.

Santiago smog.

Sept 18, ¿Can we drink the water? Vaya con dios amigos.

Whistler kids waiting impatiently.

2 minute unloading zone.

Check in debacle #1

Check in debacle #2

Check in debacle #3.

I was getting frustrated, yet everytime I looked at Ben I had and urge to browse the 2011 Ralph Lauren catalogue.

In flight pizza. Amazing stuff. To bad it was not a digiorno. Imagine the ads:

Slow Witted Husband: walking back from lavatory: “Honey, you got delivery? we’re 30,000 feet above the Atlantic?”

Honey: sitting calmly in seat: “it’s not delivery, it’s digiorno”

Slow Witted Husband: very confused “ Looks like delivery”………….

and on it would go.

Dykster dreaming of techno beats.

In flight boredom.

YYZ #1

YYZ #2

Mood lighting.

So long Toronto.

Chilean air space, or so I would believe.

Buenos dias Santiago.

♫♪♫ The long and winding road

That leads you to your door ♫♪♫.

A much better wax room than the first one that was offered. Never take the first offer.

Hey there Valle Nevado, looking good.

Faulty wiring on our power bar makes the Electronics 10/11 class I took some what helpful. Although at the time of posting it was still broken.

Good night hotel Tres Puntas.

Good Night Andes.

Sept 8. Getting ready to get out

9 more sleeps

Such good organizers.

70.8lbs. shhhhhhh