Fluid Instability


NORAM Finals

1st Morning line up. Hey Karl.

Pushing down club 21 pitch.

iPhones and Coffee.

Ford taking in the snow.

Morgan gathers dust.

SL run 1 is done.

Dykster and friends.

Dykster sets.

Snow path #1

Snow path #2 (with Tree)


30 min becomes 60 min.

Raven pitch inspectors.

Camouflaged Morgan watches.


Have a good time Conrad.

Tyler working it out.


My hand supplies a course report.

Snow removal.

Broderick gets ahead of it.

Snowy things.

Benny Mac makes a diner appearance. Spencer curses the paparazzi.

Diner companions.

Awesome family diners. Thanks to the Swettes for amazing meals every night.

Ford toasts.

Nice garbo light.

Garbo trees.

Racers v. Chickpea.


Have a good time Conrad.

Ford is a crazy boot buckler. Crazy.

Makes me think of ketchup.

Start tent action.

Volunteers are dropping like flies.

2 stops under.

Snow path #3

These are the forerunners. They risk their lives to ensure we are are safe. They enjoy free lunches and recognition. Godspeed forerunners, whatever your names are.

Sasha and Father (Peter).

Super combined SL start.

Conny on deck.

Sasha departs.

If you were listening to a course report this is what you would see.

Brodericks homage to classic cinema.