Fluid Instability


Day 5 at Farnham

Winter returns

Snow cat pick up and turn around

Farnham day 4, rain

A front moving in on us in the early morning

East course from the west course

The Facilities

Hiking down to Camp green in the rain

The coaches accommodation, probably one of the cleaner tents around

Day 3


Thomas Grandi was training SL next door.

The west run

Early mornings

PL Setting

Snowcat and crevasse

Spinning, video, Thomas Grandi. No big deal really.

The staff had a bonfire on their last night before the staff change over

Farnham day 2

The snow cat bringing athletes to the top of the east course, the west course can be seen in the background.


The road off the glacier, you need to download due to cravass dangers. When you get to the bottom of this road you walk to Camp Green, seen in the distance.

Dryland circuits on the deck of the gym