Fluid Instability


Day 8 – half a day of skiing and a bunch of driving

In an effort to get a few more runs in on a short day the coaches got up the hill extra early. Due to the darkness and fog we couldn’t set anything because we couldn’t see anything. So we stood around in the cold and the dark for a bit.

Foggy peaks

Lovely Camp green.

Austin, Kailee, Chantel, and Spencer on the hike out to the vans.

PL making time.

Day 7: Hillary takes off

Thats a Hummer pulling the ailing Tucker

Run 4 and Hillary crashes. She hit her head and had a bit of a sore neck, Miles the medic didnt want to take any chances so she got the full spine board treatment.

The full spine board treatment, as well as a helicopter ride to lovely Invermere.

Seat fully reclined and seat belts fastened.

Hillary and her pilot. She came back later that day with a small concussion and a sore neck, but otherwise fine.

Day 6 – good weather helps us out

Fresh snow, clear skies, early mornings.

Best grooming around.

Course prep.

Paradise Island: The cat pick-up for the west course.


BC Alpine K2 gentlemen.

Weather encroaches, but holds off.

Fresh snow.

Rae and Halle find ice.

Regrettably Whistler Brewing Companies crisp ice-cold lager was not involved in any way.

Austin and Rea

Day 5 at Farnham

Winter returns

Snow cat pick up and turn around

Farnham day 4, rain

A front moving in on us in the early morning

East course from the west course

The Facilities

Hiking down to Camp green in the rain

The coaches accommodation, probably one of the cleaner tents around

Day 3


Thomas Grandi was training SL next door.

The west run

Early mornings

PL Setting

Snowcat and crevasse

Spinning, video, Thomas Grandi. No big deal really.

The staff had a bonfire on their last night before the staff change over

Farnham day 2

The snow cat bringing athletes to the top of the east course, the west course can be seen in the background.


The road off the glacier, you need to download due to cravass dangers. When you get to the bottom of this road you walk to Camp Green, seen in the distance.

Dryland circuits on the deck of the gym

BC Alpine B2B Camp at Farnham – Day 1

Zach our cat driver, a very patient man. He gets us to and from the glacier as well as cycling us to the top of the run, our very own chairlift.

Crevasses everywhere

Our day got cut short when one of the athletes crashed, and crashed hard, the helicopter in the distance is taking them to the hospital in Invermere. Unfortunatly the medic flys with the injured and the rest of us have to stop skiing due to the lack of a medic.

PL and the crew load the tucker which takes the skis down to Camp green, we walk the 1 km everyday after skiing

BC Alpine K2’s, mid dryland hike

Connor walks through a glacial river for some reason in the middle of our hike.